JamStudio lets users play in a musical sandbox

The ability to create distinctive music today is a goal many reach for, yet the sheer cost and expertise needed can crush your aspirations. Although it is still working out some kinks since its launch in June 2007, JamStudio.com has been offering the opportunity for people of all skill levels to exercise their musical creativity without having to shell out any money for some jamming time.

JamStudio.com is a free online mixer created by Dave Edwards, a software developer and musician who promises “students and music lovers worldwide the best and easiest way to write their songs and play back their music.” JamStudio.com meets it promise: It is fairly easy to use, requiring little time to understand the process. Once the chords are entered and instruments chosen, the users can get inventive and adapt the rhythm and style of the music to create their masterpiece. The online mixer boasts a large digital library of over 40,000 musical phrases, offering users flexibility in their music.