Weird News

Monkey Business

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a 72-year-old man accidentally shot his neighbor in an attempt to shoot wild monkeys that were trespassing on his land. The neighbor suffered minor injuries and was treated in hospital shortly after the incident. District Police Chief Zahaliman Jamin explained that the man had grown so annoyed by the irritating monkeys that he fired at them as they sat in the bushes of his garden, according to the CBS News report. Unfortunately, his aim wasn’t up to par.

Living Dead.

You know your zombie costume is really good on Halloween when you are actually mistaken for a dead corpse. In Germany this Hallow’s Eve, a 24-year-old man fell asleep on a Hamburg train to awake with a first aid team hovering over what they thought was his dead body.

The train was in a rural Bad Segeberg, in which Halloween is not really celebrated. Thus, fellow passengers presumed the blood-smeared zombie was the victim of cold murder rather than a drunken reveler asleep.

‘It wasn’t Moo’

Cow arrested on suspicion of murder
After six people died tragically in road accidents in Cambodia, police have finally uncovered clues leading to a major suspect: a cow. A new traffic law holds people responsible for accidents caused by their animals and the beast’s owner may be facing a six-month prison term according to a Sky News report. The cow’s latest victim is believed to be a 66-year-old motorcyclist, who crashed into the animal, as it stood stationary in the middle of a main road. But don’t worry, the cow is currently being held at the local police station.

– Compiled by Merika Vine