Football commentary by Pravin Patel

Although it is way too early to be thinking about next season, considering the Hurricanes still have three games left to play (including the final game at the OB), this is something that must be acknowledged, no matter how premature.

I stated after the victory over Florida State, and I say it again: Kirby Freeman can’t lead this Hurricane team. Sure the last minute heroics against FSU were nice, but they were a mirage, an aberration, if you will.
As for this season, everyone, at this point, has to be hoping that senior quarterback Kyle Wright will be back at the helm to finish out the season.

And, this is not simply fueled by the Freeman’s performance, or lack there of, against NC State, as he went 1-for-14, for 84 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. If anything, Kirby has been consistent all season. He has consistently shown that he isn’t the answer for this Hurricane team. He has consistently played badly.

This leaves next season in limbo. With Wright gone, Kirby back, freshman Robert Marve a question mark due to injury that forced him to redshirt and other inexperienced or freshman players trying to step in, this begs the question: Who is going to lead the ‘Canes next season?

Sure, Freeman will have the experience, but does anyone really want Freeman to be the man next season, considering how he dazzled everyone this season?

It is enough to give one shudders when thinking of this proposition. Thus, it almost seems like a no brainer to let Marve or someone – anyone – else get the starting nod, allowing him to develop into the starting quarterback for the “U”!

This may be a little harsh, but it is reality. Freeman is not and will never be the option.

At this point, for this season, if Wright is unable to go, it might be better for the team to let its third team quarterback get some playing time, allowing him to learn the ropes, as it seems like Freeman still hasn’t and doesn’t seem like he will figure out the nuances of how to be a quarterback.

I hope I am wrong, for the sake of the team and for Freeman’s sake, but unless something suddenly clicks for Freeman, it is every ‘free-man’s’ right to close his eyes and cringe when Freeman steps back to pass!

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