The beating of the drum, the smell of the fire, the sea of white tents spanning the Richter Green; it was Homecoming 2007 at the university, and for once, people showed up.

Perhaps it was the looming feeling of it being the last Homecoming at the Orange Bowl, but this year students and alumni came out in full force for the events and game. School spirit was at a high.

Events were well organized and it showed. Students at Homecoming King and Queen were treated to drinks and snacks and the first 80 received T-shirts and VIP passes. O-Cheer was moved to the air-conditioned gym (always a plus when rain threatens); there were chairs galore and students running the inside track were treated to the special performances of students shaking and singing. Although not every organization participated in each event, students came and showed support for their friends, truly embracing university-wide spirit.

Even when events are held at the UC Rock during school hours, participation is low. But at the parade, participants were welcomed with loud applause and even the local media showed up. And despite problems with the concert performance, (see news, page 3), students seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get high from just standing in the audience. Not to mention the avenue of food on the Richter Green. It was extremely appropriate to showcase cuisine from around the world during a Homecoming that “Showcased the U” and a diverse student body.

Noon games tend to lack in students who, well, show up. Even with our recent losing streak in Homecoming games, E4 was packed with students and alumni by 9 a.m. and most seemed to make it into the game.and stay there.

Events at the university tend to lack organization and that translates to a lack of student attendance. This year, Homecoming was a success and the hard work paid off. The best part about Homecoming though? The addition of a new tradition, the dancing of the “Soulja Boy.” From the acoustic version performed by the Homecoming King to the Soulja Boy dance competition at O-Cheer and of course, Sebastian’s performance at the game, it seems the U will always “crank dat.”

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