Comedy king Seinfeld is back, but as a bumble bee

It’s difficult to doubt Jerry Seinfeld’s lasting power.

More than nine years after production of “Seinfeld” wrapped, the comedian’s groundbreaking sitcom remains one of the most heavily syndicated shows on television. This weekend, Seinfeld proved his appeal in a new way: Bee Movie, an animated film created by and staring the comedian, banked more than $40 million at the box office.

The film tells the charming story of Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld), a bee who defies the rules of beedom by talking to humans and attempting to stop them from using his species for honey. Seinfeld spoke to The Hurricane about the film and much more.

Nick Maslow: You’ve done a lot of stand-up comedy since your show, but this film has been in the making for a while now. What is it like to actually see it in theaters?

Jerry Seinfeld: It’s so exciting. Well, I haven’t seen it in a real movie theater yet. But I saw the finished product actually yesterday for the first time. It just looks great. It’s fun. It’s funny and silly. I’m really excited about it.

NM: Do you think people will comment that you look like the bee?

JS: I do look like the bee. I wanted to look like the bee.

NM: Have you become an activist for bees since making this film?

JS: There’s not much I can do, except raise awareness for bees. I think I’m doing that pretty well right now.

NM: Do you think audiences will embrace you on the big screen as much as they have on television?

JS: I hope so. With your help, if you say something nice, then they will.

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