Post-Halloween nitty-gritty

Last year, approximately 85 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds celebrated Halloween. Eighty-three percent of them were UM kids trying to board the shuttles going to the Grove. The last two percent didn’t make it onto the overcrowded shuttles, but fear not, they made it to the Grove just fine. This year was no exception. With no shuttles, little wenches and wizards found their way to the Grove without the Hurry Cane shuttles! If you didn’t make it to the Grove, I’ ll provide you with a recap of the evening.

Drinking: Everyone who wanted to save money and black out before they actually made it to the Grove engaged in the necessary pre-gaming. This led to the following:

Folks arriving at the Grove throwing up amongst other pirates and leaving immediately, after enjoying all the other festivities the Grove had to offer like booty dancing in front of Johnny Rocket’s, booty dancing at a club or just booty dancing.

Contrary to popular belief, the mixing of rum and Colombian drink o’ death Aguardiente does NOT make you invisible. It also means people can see you when you are throwing up next to the fountain in CocoWalk. Not that I speak from experience.

People throwing up in the fountain.

A “Who’s Who Among College Students” in the Grove: When I finally made it to CocoWalk, I noticed an array of splendid, original costumes. Most were outfits worn to South Beach with bunny ears slapped on. Others sought an actual costume, no longer than four inches, and accompanied by some floppy hat, thus adding a factor of innocence to the ensemble. Guys wore anything that did not require a shirt and some form of artillery that displayed their macho personas.

Costumes: In case you are already deciding what to be next year, let me provide you with a list of popular costumes worn in 2007 (you may add the word “sexy” before each costume if you wish):

Any princess from any Disney movie
Any pirate from any Disney movie
Anything from any Disney movie

Couples costumes: pimpin’ in style and hot pink mama, Dr. Phil Good and a naughty nurse, the plug and the socket or the long schlong and the busty babe.

It was another exciting Halloween this year. People did not disappoint with their costumes (or lack thereof), and while I do feel sorry for the people waking up with hangovers, I feel even sorrier for the people who will have to peel vomit off of that flamingo planted in the Cocowalk fountain. Trick or treat!

Lisa Magedler is a sophomore majoring in creative writing. If you didnít see her at the Grove that is probably because she was invisible. She may be contacted at