Let’s rush the field

Rushing the field is a tradition unlike any other. Fans of all different shapes and sizes hurdle the sideline to celebrate an upset or a joyous occasion with the players and coaches. The final University of Miami football game will be played on Nov. 10 against Virginia. And what are fans going to do after the game? Push and shove each other while trying to get a seat on the buses transporting fans to Culmer Station for the Metro Rail. If fans are already going to be pushing and shoving, why not do it where everyone can be together and culminate over 70 years of history?

The Orange Bowl broke ground in 1936 and the Hurricanes played their first game Dec.10, 1937. It was the home of the Miami Dolphins at the time when they went on to achieve NFL immortality by finishing undefeated at 17-0. It is one of two stadiums to host five Super Bowls. And, of course, it is most renowned for all of its Hurricane history. This was the same field that produced five national championships.

Let the students rush the field and be a part of one last moment in Orange Bowl history. Let us dance and prance on the same field that the likes of Bernie Kosar, Michael Irvin, Jim Kelly, Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, Clinton Portis and many more played on. Let the fans thank the city of Miami for all of the great memories. For once, the fans will forget the fact that the stadium charges $8 for chicken fingers and $5 for water. Let us rejoice in the happiness that an era is over and another one at Dolphin Stadium is just beginning.

When students rush the field, they do not do so with ill intent. They are not trying to hurt or attack the players or refs. They are merely looking to celebrate. Hurricane fans bleed orange and green. They sit outside in the beaming sun, showing school spirit, while dehydrating and passionately cheering after every play. Let the fans have their say and rush the field like there is no tomorrow…literally.

Justin Antweil is a freshman majoring in print journalism and economics. He may be contacted at j.antweil@umiami.edu.