‘Club Richter’ needs bouncers to patrol noise

As a busy, commuting graduate student, I regret to say that my reading of The Hurricane has been grossly limited in lieu of working to make a living and attending classes at night. [Still], I hope its reading population is big enough that I can address the campus effectively. My next step is to camp out in front of President Shalala’s office until something is done.

I often make the hellish trek to UM’s library in order to get much needed school work done. I go out of my way to do this; I live north of the school and of Miami, but Richter’s resources are unparalleled. I have been doing this for two years, as long as I have been a student at UM. I feel confident saying that in the two years I have been using the library, the noise level has never been as loud as it currently is. I don’t know what happened in two years for people to think that they can just stroll in and disrupt hard-working people who use the library as a quiet refuge to do work.

The library is not a bar, people. I know you all probably need an adult to distinguish the difference, so here it is. Please shut up when you are in there. I am working. This week I have been in the library for two nights in a row, and both nights were the same. The darker it gets, the louder it gets. Cell phones ringing, audible conversations, yelling, swearing, watching media online with no headphones… I can see how you’d all be confused, how you’d think you were in a restaurant or a club. A club with an Internet and book theme! Miami’s newest hedonistic slush pit! But believe me, it never used to be like this. It’s a library.

I’m urging the staff and the administration to take more stringent measures so that the noise level is more controlled. Please. I pay (not my parents, not this time) a lot of money to go to UM, to use the library and use it the way it was meant to be used. Quietly. Respectfully. I won’t say it is not fair. I’ll just take it upon myself to do something about it, and I doubt anyone would want that. I’m an easygoing gal, but I’m really riled up about this. If I hear a cell phone ringing, I’m going to rip it out of someone’s hand and throw it. At them. I don’t want to do it, but I will. I have to. No one else is doing anything about it.

– Marguerite Kranick
Graduate student