Students produce weekly ‘Unofficial UM Podcast’

After just a few minutes of speaking with University of Miami senior Jordan Fulghum last spring, Carlos Garcia offered him an internship at his startup company.

“He just came across as a very down-to-earth guy,” said Garcia, co-founder and CEO of the photography-based blogging Web site, Scrapblog. “I saw some of the things he was doing with online media and knew he’d fit in.”

Fulghum, a visual communication major, has recently started producing The Unofficial UM Podcast with his two roommates, Morgan Cantrell and Dylan Connelly. The seven 30-minute podcasts are currently available for free on iTunes.

The podcasts are based on university-related happenings, and also include analysis of the 2008 presidential candidates-a different one each podcast.

In the most recent episode, Fulghum, Cantrell and Connelly take on intramural flag football, Miami weather and the university’s new emergency text messaging system.

“The nature of it is just so casual,” Fulghum said. “It’s just something we decided to do one day, and here we are.”

Fulghum said that he would like to eventually move on to online television. But for now, he is just enjoying the ride.

“I definitely want to continue podcasting,” Fulghum said. “I don’t know if it’ll be specifically about UM, but it’s something I want to keep doing.”

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