Popular French DJ releases new CD, plans South Beach show

Clean tones and upbeat tempos are signatures of David Guetta’s third album, “Pop Life.” His last album, “Guetta Blaster,” included “The World is Mine,” which topped both British and American dance charts. Guetta faced the difficult task of improving his style with the popular singles from his debut effort. Although the first two singles on “Pop Life” are better than anything on “Guetta Blaster,” there is not much more to this album than that.

The album’s second single, “Baby When the Light,” delivers crisp vocals and the complex beats of “Never Take Away My Freedom,” proving that Guetta put a little bit of everything in this album. The highlight of “Pop Life” is its first single, “Love is Gone” where along with Chris Willis (the same singer used on most of his tracks), Guetta combined an overpowering bass, complicated synth, well produced vocals and a catchy hook to make a club hit. “Love is Gone” has already reached number one on the European dance charts and number nine on the UK singles chart.

Guetta will be making a stop in Miami on November 24 at Cameo on South Beach.

Tickets are on sale now at wantickets.com.

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