Kyle WRight?

&After Kirby Freeman’s dismantling at the hands of Oklahoma and the epiphany of a performance against an overrated Texas A&M team, everyone had caught “Kyle Wright fever”! Wright was HOT, and there was not doubt about that.

But, like a fever that doesn’t last, Kyle Wright won’t be on top forever.

This may seem a little strange, especially since Miami is coming off a big last-minute victory against Florida State, but the issue has to be addressed.

It’s baffling, but every time Wright plays well or shows everyone why he was a former number one quarterback prospect, he seems to slide back into mediocrity. Understandably, this has to be frustrating for Wright, but it is as equally maddening for fans, as they have watched Wright and his abilities fluctuate more frequently than the promises of an astute politician.

This truth was made quite evident during the game against FSU last week, when Wright was able to lead Miami downfield for a first-quarter touchdown. Then Wright came back and threw an interception for a touchdown two drives later.

Let’s not get this wrong. Everyone-at least every UM fan-wants to see Wright succeed, but his performances wax and wane more poignantly than high tide.

On a positive note, Wright has seen his completion percentage increase each successive year as a starter. This means he is surveying the field better and making better decisions. But Wright is only 17-9 as a starter and has thrown 35 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in his career.

Miami fans of the past 25 years are not used to seeing so many losses from their starting quarterback. Additionally, the touchdown-to-interception ratio is not Earth shattering, with many of the interceptions coming in key junctures of the game.

Add this to the fact that Wright is never equated as the catalyst of a comeback or as having the ability to carry his team to the promised land, and it is evident there is a problem.

Wright is 0-2 against Florida State – not counting last week’s victory, as Wright did not play enough or do enough in the time he played for him to be considered for the win – 0-3 against Georgia Tech, 0-1 against Louisville and 1-1 against Virginia Tech. In the win against Virginia Tech, Wright did not do anything to lose the game, but he did not do enough to be considered a primary factor in the win.

The only real win on Wright’s resume is this season’s victory over Texas A&M, where Wright played an exceptional and fundamentally sound game.

Thus, in big games people are left asking, “Which Kyle Wright will be on the field?”

To this question, we hope he is “in the game,” in both a figurative and literal sense. There is no doubt that Wright gives this Hurricanes team the best opportunity to win. Despite the fact that Freeman led the Canes to a comeback victory against the Seminoles last week, he has played too poorly overall to be considered as the best option for this team.

It has to be admitted that Wright gives this team the best opportunity to win. But, it is time for Wright to step up to the plate and shoulder that burden.

Wright left the game against FSU in the second quarter with an injury, so it is yet to be seen whether he will be able to take the field against Virginia Tech. But if Wright can go, he will be presented with yet another opportunity to show that he can tackle a big game.

There is no doubt that the team and Hurricanes’ fans want Wright to play well, and play well in a big way, but whether Wright steps up to the table and scripts his own ending is yet to be seen.