Who Am I?

Almost everyone has heard the phrase, ‘what you see is what you get.’ If this only held true for the University of Miami football team, at least then people would have an idea of who this team really is.

Are they the team everyone saw against Oklahoma and Georgia Tech, or are they the team everyone saw against Texas A&M and Florida State?

Alas, people are left guessing as to the true identity of this team.

Thus, can the true identity of this team be constituted by the win against Florida State? Or should fans be cautious when analyzing this victory? Because the excitement and hype behind the victory against FSU was the same excitement and hype felt after a rather convincing win against Texas A&M. But, after that win, the Hurricanes put together an unconvincing win against Duke and dropped two straight against UNC and Georgia Tech.

The problem with this season’s Hurricane team is that everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. You never know what will happen week in and week out. The idea of momentum and this Hurricane team do not seem to coexist very well.

But then, a win against FSU, no matter where both teams are in the standings, is nothing to be overlooked. Wins, when the Hurricanes and the Seminoles lock horns, are not easy to come by. Thus, the Hurricanes have to be given their due credit.

But, it will be seen, with Virginia Tech looming around the corner, as to whether the Hurricanes can finally put things together and win back to back games against big time opponents.

It seems a bit puzzling and unfair, all at the same time, as people are left wondering whether or not the University of Miami Hurricanes can put together back-to-back wins, while the Gators are chomping up and the Bulls are ramming through opponents.

But it is time to believe once again! If there was a single game on the ‘Canes schedule that could define or turn around their season, it was the game against FSU. After unearthing the Seminoles in the waning minutes of the game, the Randy Shannon Era has finally begun to take form at the University of Miami. The win against Texas A&M was nice, but the win against the Seminoles could serve as the spark the Hurricanes have been looking for.

This is a tough and resilient Hurricane team, whether it appears so or not, and you know what they say about the tough: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

Expect the Hurricanes to make their first true run at the ACC crown this season. Although they are currently behind the eight ball with Virginia and Virginia Tech two games up in the ACC Coastal standings, the Hurricanes face both teams in the coming weeks, which means a trip to Jacksonville, Fla. may be possible.

The team has left itself in a tough position and people might be hesitant to get behind the ‘Canes, as they have been burnt in the recent past when doing so, but this team finally looks like it is ready to grab hold of its own destiny and climb back up to the top of the ACC and possibly, in the coming years, the upper echelon of college football.

Pravin Patel may be contacted at p.patel7@umiami.edu.

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