Career tests provide valuable results via multiple methods

Career assessment tests are one of the most popular methods used when searching for new career paths, according to a recent article. But some of the Toppel Career Center staff believe they should not be taken at face value.

Anne Alexander, assistant director of Career Development and Outreach at Toppel, believes career assessments, taken by one out of five workers, are one aspect of the career-finding process, but they do not help people decide lifelong careers.

Instead, she said the tests help people find their interests and “with the help of a qualified career counselor, people can begin to explore their career options based on the assessment’s results.”

The CNN article, written by Mary Lorenz, also noted that some career tests are more useful than others, and a “valid career test will measure what it says it will, and reliable tests consistently produce the same results if taken multiple times.”

Toppel Career Center offers two career assessment tests: an online version called TypeFocus and a Self Directed Search, which can be chosen at the Toppel Career Center. The Counseling Center offers a wider variety of career assessments for more specialized needs.

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