IKEA opens retail space in Sunrise

The famed Swedish home retailer giant IKEA opened its first Florida location this Wednesday in Sunrise. While the city government banned overnight camping for the store’s opening, this much-anticipated event was expected to attract over 25,000 customers on opening day and lines were estimated to begin forming two days prior to the event.

IKEA, known for its wide range of low-priced products, has created a seemingly cult-like international fan base. Sometimes referred to as a theme park, shopping at IKEA can easily turn into a full-day event. Children can be dropped off at the official IKEA-supervised play area. Ballroom shoppers are free to play (or shop) in the numerous show rooms. They can also take a break at the IKEA restaurant, which features Swedish and local daily dishes like the Swedish bistro. IKEA is the new one-stop shop for entertainment and home purchases alike.