Commencing a reign of fabulousness

    The Hurriqueen is a new advice column from a male student at the University of Miami.
    Please look for his thoughts on a variety of issues every Monday.
    Dear V‘s column will run Thursdays.

    The Hurriqueen recently conversed with Opinion Editor Nayda Verier-Taylor.

    Nayda Verier-Taylor: Hurriqueen? Why not Hurriking? I mean, you are of the male sex, are you not? Do tell.

    HQ: Indeed, sweetheart. I am a male. But here’s the thing: All my life I’ve been called a “queen.” I’ve been degraded just because I prefer the penis over the va-jay-jay. And now that I have my very own advice column, I’m going to turn it all around on those bitches and make a negative a positive. I am queen. All hail.

    NVT: What makes you qualified to give others advice on their sex lives, relationships and everyday affairs?

    HQ: I genuinely want to see everyone on this campus transform themselves from victims into victors. I want the insecure to get laid; the one-minute man to last all night; and the closet cases to realize that people already know that they’re gay and don’t really care. And I hate to sound like I think I know it all, but I actually do.