Rude fans are disgrace to Hurricanes

I have always flown my ‘Canes flag proudly on game days. However, from what I was told by my wife’s nephew (a Texas A&M grad) who attended the football game on Sept. 20, I am not only disturbed but embarrassed as well. During the game, some Miami fans taunted and harassed the A&M fans (and players) with a “f*** the faggies” chant. This is absolutely and totally unacceptable!

Do the Miami fans fail to realize that the visiting team and their fans are guests? Would they treat guests in their homes like this? Do they not realize how this casts a horribly negative light on the school’s athletics, not to mention the community at large? How about the negative financial consequences this could have on the area? Who would want to return after being treated that way?

These chants and their accompanying belligerent attitudes make the school look very immature. I hope I never again hear of such behavior from Miami fans.

– Jim Sasso
Hurst, Texas