This novel’s mystery isn’t in the plot

Author Meg Cabot, best known for “The Princess Diaries,” is releasing her third novel in the Heather Wells series this coming November, “Big Boned.” The book follows the 30-year-old pop star-turned-detective who finds herself in another murder mystery when her boss is murdered on the college campus where she works. For Wells readers, yes, this is her third boss-three books, three dead bosses.

Sadly, there are no new tricks in the plot. It is more like a watered-down murder mystery, sans any real mystery (aside from the frivolous use of modern mystery red herrings) and any real sleuthing.

Aside from a poorly-executed mystery, Cabot’s foray into the genre of “chick lit” lends itself to a poorly-executed romantic comedy that, similar to the murder mystery plot, is trite, clich