Made with emotion

James Blunt is back with his sophomore album “All the Lost Souls.” The pop singer-songwriter out of Britain hit it big in 2006 with the number one single “You’re Beautiful” off of his successful debut CD “Back to Bedlam.”

Fans of his first album will be pleased with “All the Lost Souls.” Its heavy with the same pop ballads of his debut, and his signature voice is just as alluring as in “Back to Bedlam.” Most songs are either acoustic or piano ballads, many of which are comparable to the styles of Damien Rice or Coldplay, and though Blunt may not be up to the qualitative level of either, he does have the potential.

The album opens with “1973,” a catchy pop song with a hint of disco that was inspired by nights Blunt spent at Pacha, a club in Ibiza that opened while he was living there and recording the album. For anyone familiar with popular music of the 70s, it’s reminiscent of the music of the Bee gees, especially because of Blunt’s high falsetto voice.

The entire albums flows with the same emotion and authenticity that Blunt achieved with “Back to Bedlam.”

For fans of mellow music by sensitive singer-songwriters, “All the Lost Souls” will be a perfect addition to your music collection.

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