Letter to the editor

On Saturday I was at the FIU game, staying until the end as always. After Kyle Wright threw the last interception, I couldn’t help but notice that half of the stadium was EMPTY, while about an hour earlier it was very full. Those who left cannot seriously call themselves fans.

Those who only stay until they are sure of the game’s outcome are not serious followers of the school. I believe a true fan should stay until the end, no matter the outcome. There is a term for those who only support a team when that team is winning-and I do not use [this term loosely]-but I believe that these people are “bandwagon” fans.

Bandwagon fan is a term used by a die-hard fan to describe those who only follow the team when they are winning, hopping on the bandwagon and then jumping off and criticizing the team when they start to lose. So for those who wish to leave early, go ahead; it makes it easier for the true fans to leave when the game’s really over.

-Joel Solomon, junior