Letters to the Editor

The presidential debate intended to include, not exclude

Initially, I was ecstatic [about the Univision forum] but now it hurts me to get online and read people’s comments about [Sunday night’s] debate. People from across the country are criticizing the forum because of the translation into Spanish and the questions about the Canadian border, insulting immigrants in the process. There was a debate in Spanish because Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the United States. It does not matter if certain people are willing to accept it or not.

This event was unique because of the simultaneous translation into Spanish and it was [intended to include] Hispanics, not to exclude those who do not speak Spanish. Also, it is true that there is not a wall on the border with Canada and, [as a result], a great number of people that aren’t Canadian are entering illegally through that border because it’s so much easier.

It really hurts to read people’s criticisms of not only immigrants but of Hispanics in general. I embrace [the Hispanic] side of my culture and I am also proud to say that I am an American citizen. Am I going to be shunned because I speak Spanish? Apparently. These comments prove that the issues mentioned Sunday night are not to be taken lightly. We have always been a country of immigrants and now we are oppressing those who want to pursue the American Dream. For such a diverse nation, we are still very close-minded.

-Natalia Yepes, sophomore

Responding to unfair criticism of SGA on stadium move

Regarding the recent letter denouncing the move to Dolphin Stadium, I would like to know when The Hurricane became a message board for students to bash and insult each other publicly. For those who did not attend the trip to Dolphin Stadium, it would seem that the University of Miami Student Government President Danny Carvajal is biased and selfish. While I don’t seek to relay a judgment of Carvajal (or anyone else in SGA), I do think it is important to clear this up: It was only after a consultation with the rest of SGA that SGA’s Executive Board sent a collective e-mail to President Shalala regarding the student opinion on the move to Dolphin Stadium.

To use an article in a student newspaper in order to state an opinion is one thing, but to insult and deprecate another human being is entirely another thing, especially if it is not based on fact. If anyone was aware of the fact that the trip seemed like a bribe, it was the members of SGA. They are not as na’ve and easily swayed as some students seem to believe. If those students who so adamantly oppose the move to Dolphin Stadium voted during SGA elections, it can be assumed that they are well-represented by their leaders. Whether it is due to a lack of involvement or of outnumbering, I must say that those who advised in favor of the Orange Bowl were few. I don’t want to take sides, but I do want to say this: SGA is not a joke. Make sure that you vote and that when you do, you vote for the right person.

-Ashley Rojas, junior