Incubus alive again

“In America, rock tours have been around forever and our band is a part of that.”
-DJ Chris Kilmore

Nothing can be more disappointing than seeing your favorite band perform live only to realize that you wish you would have saved some money by staying home and rocking out to their CD because you can’t hear the vocals over the music. Or perhaps the lead singer’s voice isn’t as great as once thought. In reality, a band’s ability to please and entertain audiences while making their live performances worthwhile is what makes lifelong fans, and a nice profit.

But if there is only one thing that sets Incubus apart from other rock bands, it would be their smooth sound when playing live. Nearly 20,000 South Florida fans heard these masters of live rock on Aug. 29 when Incubus played at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach.

While touring and making quality music is Incubus’ calling, this tour comes after a two-year break for the band. In November 2004, Incubus headed home after a tiresome world tour and hundreds of shows. Each member spent the next two years individually exploring things outside of their rock scene-music, art, film and literature-and eventually got back to work on their sixth album “Light Grenades.”

On the band’s website, lead vocalist Brandon Boyd recounts that to “so many people we are a new band, while we have been writing music together, for better or worse, for fifteen years now. Coming home in November of 2004 was an important decision. Not only were we road weary and dried up, but each one of us in his own way needed to step back from the monster that we had created and re-access what had transpired.”

“The five of us were single once again, all at the same time and it was pretty rough,” DJ Chris Kilmore said.

And it resulted in the “Light Grenades” album, which got them back on the road once again.

“With ‘Light Grenades’ we really took a lot of time with it. It’s probably the most thought-out album we have recorded so far,” bass player Ben Kenney said.

Incubus began their latest tour in July, hitting cities across the United States. They will also perform in select European cities starting this weekend.

One of the most popular alternative-metal bands today, Incubus formed in 1991 in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Calabasas, Calif., where group members Brandon Boyd (vocals, percussion), Mike Einziger (guitar), Alex Katunich (a.k.a. Dirk Lance; bass) and Jos