Student reactions to Destino 2008

“How [the forum] was presented was distracting,” Hien Tran, a junior, said. “Some candidates weren’t asked certain questions even though it seemed like they wanted to answer them. They focused too much on Hillary and Barack.”

“Obama seemed like he was defending himself,” Julian Jean-Francois, an alumnus, said. “I wanted him to take a stand.”

“The ticket is going to Hillary or Obama, but Hillary is more experienced and seemed more eloquent, while Obama was kind of jittery,” Leslie Elus, an alumnus, said.

“Kucinich had a very good healthcare argument, but I wouldn’t vote for him because he just doesn’t have a chance,” Gabrielle Officer, a junior, said. “He doesn’t have enough political pull.”

Barack should have thrown up the U and been less stiff,” Andrew Doyle, a senior, said.

“My opinion of every candidate changed, and [before this] I had no idea where they stood on certain issues,” Kendra Anderson, a sophomore, said.

“It was such an educational experience,” Lorell Guerrero, a freshman, said. “It was so incredible that all of the candidates came to the U. To be able to reach out was really important to me. Also, the attention they placed on the Latin community was infinitely important for this upcoming election.”

“Before I had an idea of who the candidates were, but now I am partly more titled to the Republican side as a result of seeing where the [democratic] candidates stood,” Marta Cuervo, a sophomore, said.

Compiled by Jenny Safstrom, Lauren Buck, Chelsea Isaacs and Padma Sarvepalli.