Football Report Card

Quarterbacks: C-

Kirby Freeman had major trouble connecting with receivers-even when he wasn’t pressured in the pocket. He only completed a third of his passes (9-3-0) and managed a mere 17 yards. Ouch. Kyle Wright, surprisingly, seemed to be able to make better decisions and was much more effective with the passing game. Still, he only completed half of his passes (14-7-0) and was credited with 65 yards and a touchdown.

Running Backs: B-/C+

While the pair of star running backs in Javarris James and Graig Cooper have the talent, they had little opportunity to show it against the Sooners. James recorded 28 net yards and would’ve had more if it weren’t for the breakaway run that was called back (yes, again). Cooper had an equally disappointing 26 net yards. However, it is impossible that the two, who had a combined 215 yards last week, are to blame for the lack of offensive success.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-/D+

This unit was underwhelming, to say the least. Lance Leggett, touted as one of Miami’s top receivers, dropped a ball in the first play of Miami possession and set the tone for the receivers. Although quarterbacks can be attributed for overthrowing several of the passes, UM’s 87 yards passing pales in comparison to Oklahoma’s 295.

Offensive Line: C-/D+

I’ll give this unit credit for protecting the QB (with the exception of two sacks) and allowing them some time in the pocket. However, Oklahoma’s defense was relentless, the line needed to at least make blocks so that the running back could get through to get a first down (Miami’s only seven first downs compared to Oklahoma’s 25).

Defensive Line: B-/C+

While the Miami defense is still outstanding, it couldn’t contain the explosive Oklahoma offense. Calais Campbell showed versatility during the fake punt as he secured the first down; he also recorded the only sack of the game. Safety Kenny Phillips had a strong performance with 13 tackles. Still, the Hurricanes were outmatched. Period.

Linebackers: B-/C+

Tavares Gooden was charged with a costly penalty despite leading the defense in tackles with 14. Sophomore Colin McCarthy was dominant (at least as dominant as he could be), with 10 tackles.

Secondary: C

The secondary was strained against a threatening Oklahoma offense. They gave up a number of deep balls and frequently only had one man coverage on playmakers such as Kelly Malcolm, who turned the weak coverage into three touchdowns.

Special Teams: B

Darren Daly made solid, in bound kickoffs, although they tended to give Oklahoma an advantageous field position (I’d argue they didn’t even need it). Place kicker Francesco Zampogna completed each field goal attempt, which is all you can ask.

Coaching: B

To the coaches’ credit, the call to fake the punt and go for it on fourth down was gutsy against a team that is beating you down. However, it is clear that Offensive Coordinator Patrick Nix has more than his work cut out for him with the offense if the ‘Canes want to succeed against GA Tech and VA Tech.