September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month

It’s easy to get so focused in the grind of your daily studies and life that your forget to review the basics of safety. Safety is, to a large extent, based on common sense and rational decisions; however, not all of it is. Take a few hours this month to focus on safety. To promote safety awareness and education, the UM Police Department will be enacting several initiatives throughout the month. Police personnel will be tabling throughout the campus to distribute a wealth of printed and verbal information on safety. RAD and SAFE women’s self-defense classes will be held to educate women in the community on awareness, risk reduction and practical physical self-defense techniques. A “Beer Goggles” Alcohol Education event will be hosted in conjunction with Pier 21 on Thursday, September 20th from 12noon to 2pm at the Rock. Safety presentations will be made to several Freshman University Experience (UMX) classes; if you are in a UMX class and interested in seeing a UMPD presentation, ask your professor to arrange for one. Motor vehicle speed enforcement will take place throughout campus as well. In addition, the University community is strongly encouraged to do a little self-study. Visit the “Publications and Brochures” section of the UM Police website and review a few brochures that catch your eye to learn about everything from personal safety to alcohol safety to credit card safety.

Further information on all these programs is available at or by calling the UM Police Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.