CexCells, indeed, with new album

I was at first skeptical of Blaqk Audio’s CexCells. Granted, this skepticism lay mostly in the abilities of their spell check; however, from the first moments of the album, all skepticism was blown away by their undeniable vocal talents and shiver-provoking lyrics. With driving techno beats and a futuristic sound, CexCells makes a killer opening not only as a rockin’ dance album but also as a moody backdrop to a cup of java and contemplation.

Don’t let the singers’ chilling whispers and sweet voices fool you. These two delectable boys produced the impressive album themselves. Yep, they wrote their own songs. The piano melody in “Where would you like them left?” is nothing short of haunting and the captivating beat in “Cities of the Night” showcases their talents. The ‘could-be’ love songs of “Stiff Kittens” and Between Breaths” flaunt lyrical explosions of emotion. “On A Friday” toes the line between desire and anger, evoking emotions of confusion and uncertainty that afflict many college students.

In short, CexCells makes me want to flip on a strobe light, dance to “Again, again, and again,” and pretend I’m cool enough to do so. The album, though far from mainstream, has multiple elements to please the ear of a discerning listener. If you appreciate excellent lyrics, sick melodies and rare instrumental talent, give Blaqk Audio’s CexCells a listen. Chances are, you’ll relate to the chaos, disappointment, and cautious optimism that characterize this album. If not, just stick with those top-forty artificially-flavored confections.

Padma Sarvepalli may be contacted at p.sarvepalli@umiami.edu.