Multimedia, collaboration goals for newspaper in coming year

As the press evolves and embraces change, so too must The Miami Hurricane.This year will mark a key transition period for the 80-year-old paper.

Similar to other college papers and professional news organizations, the buzz word is convergence. Specifically an online-based cohesion of multiple media sources, such as print, television and radio.

One of The Hurricane’s main goals this year will be to work with other student media in a variety of ways and enhance its online version, which will no longer be a mere electronic copy of the print version.

Succinctly, strives to be the go-to news source for the entire university community. The Web site will reflect more of a daily mindset, with breaking news and updates posted to keep everyone informed.

News alert e-mails for subscribers who select the option have seen these notices sent out at times in the past-this is the primary means by which the paper can communicate important information at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, The Hurricane shall continue to free itself from the constraints of ink and paper by posting more online exclusive content, adding more coverage from its writers and students from the School of Communication.

In the online arena, The Hurricane will continue to encourage participation through discussion boards and comment areas for each story. Letters to the editor and reader feedback are always highly encouraged.

One important note, issues will now be available on Mondays and Thursdays to provide a more up-to-date preview of the weekend.

Last year, word of a move from the Division of Student Affairs to the School of Communication caused a stir among the newspaper staff. Little was known of what would happen and when. Slowly, information began trickling in; but even now, every detail is not in place.

Though more details are still to be worked out, editors were relieved to learn of Dean Sam L Grogg’s commitment to leave control of the content and decision-making process in the hands of the students. Moreover, as in the past, there will be no prior review or censoring of any content by the administration.

Also reassuring was the commitment to keep the paper open to employ staff from all schools and colleges. The Hurricane prides itself on selecting staff based on the ability to perform a certain job, not what one’s major is.

New to the paper is Bob Radziewicz, a 30-year veteran of The Miami Herald who will act as the paper’s new adviser from the Comm School.

Together with Radziewicz, the other student media and the resources of the School of Communication, The Hurricane hopes to truly bring the entire organization, including the business side, to a new level. With the paper’s added capabilities, The Hurricane will better compete with professional, daily publications and continue to win awards for its content and coverage.

It is easy to espouse lofty, abstract goals that are not easily gauged, but many of the Hurricane’s are concrete and we can track the progress. Not everything will fall into place immediately and there may be bumps along the way, but this year will see a number of changes that will set in motion a relationship with the School of Communication that will significantly improve the newspaper.

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