Campus Quirks: Graduation

After four long, and yet so short years, I’m starting to have flashbacks as to what it feels like to be a senior. Four years ago, I was a senior at a small international high school in Mexico City, buzzing with questions:

“What food can possibly be crappier than the Tuck Shop’s pizza?”

“How will I get into a good college?”

“Where will I hang out for drinks after The Dubliner is miles away?”

Now, as a senior at a university in Coral Gables, I find myself asking similar questions:

“What food can possibly be crappier than Chartwells?”

“How will I get a job, any job?”

“Screw drinks, what am I going to do without the gliders at the Rat?”

And yet, as I carefully slave through classes to make sure I clear with enough credits to walk, as I prepare r