Weird News: New Zealand plans to fill volcano with human waste

New Zealand plans to fill volcano with human waste

New Zealand has come up with a new idea for getting rid of tons of human waste without having to create new landfills: Auckland plans on filling one of its many extinct volcanoes with sewage. Watercare Services has signed a $25 million, 30-year deal with Puketutu Island owners to dump 61 tons of biosolids produced by the Mangere treatment plant each week. Not to worry though, the dried human waste will be cleaned and treated before being dumped on a side of the volcanic island that has been desolate in the past 50 years. Auckland University volcano-ologist Ian Smith said Aucklanders need not be concerned that they would be showered in “biosolids” in the event of an eruption.

New Technology allows changing other people’s ring tone

Emotive’s new product, the patent-pending “Push Ringer,” reverses the common ring tone model by enabling a caller to push an outgoing ring tone to the receiving phone; allowing the caller, not the called person, to set the tone. The chosen ringer is transmitted to the recipient’s handset and temporarily overrides the phone’s pre-set ringer but the called person has the option of purchasing the new ring tone if they like it. Emotive hopes this technology will help make calls more personalized and since its launch on Skype’s VOIP network in 2006, Push Ringer (known to Skype users as “Ringjacker”) has been installed more than 800,000 times.

Japanese mothers turn lunchboxes into WORKS OF ART

Using tweezers, razor knives, and digital cameras, Japanese house moms everywhere are joining in the new craze of creating a unique culinary style of school lunches. For example, rice gets colored with egg yolks into the shape of a dinosaur, eyes are made of sliced cheese and strips of seaweed and star-shaped pieces of okra adorn the belly. Lunch-box art marries the age-old Japanese appreciation for precision and aesthetics with the country’s modern, shrinking, affluent nuclear family, where fewer children mean moms have more time and money to lavish on their little emperors. Nursery schools typically require children to bring home-cooked lunches and some wives make them for husbands. Housewives have taken their lunchbox exhibitions online, where Internet journals feature up-to-date photos of the latest works.

-Compiled by Martamaria Gomez