Search for Hipp replacement

The search for a new dean for the Frost School of Music began in September 2006 following Dean William Hipp’s announcement of his plans to retire after serving in the post since 1983.

A search committee was put together of six faculty members and one student from the school of music, one from the drama department and one from engineering. Michael Halleran, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, heads the committee.

A search firm was also enlisted to find candidates. President Donna E. Shalala and Provost Thomas LeBlanc will make the final decision.

“The music school at UM is one of the best in the country,” Halleran said. “Dean Hipp has done a lot to make it what it is, so you want someone who can retain the level it’s at now, but also help the school move forward.”

Halleran declined to comment on the strongest contenders, but a recent Miami Herald article confirmed music critic and author Tim Page as one of the four finalists.

Although Hipp has met with all the finalists, he is not playing a role in the selection process.

Halleran said he was unsure of when to expect an announcement regarding the final selection, but said he “fully anticipates a decision to be made before next semester.”