Weird News: No child left without an iPod, and more

iPods for every Michigan child

Michigan state Democrats want to appeal to both education and children at the same time by providing an iPod for every child. The state, however is facing a budget crisis of approximately one billion dollars. Nonetheless, House Democrats delivered a spending bill which includes putting $38 million worth of public funds toward supplying every student with an mp3 player. State representatives are attracted to the iPod plan because of its ability to be easily used as educational devices, to transport digital documents and projects, or it could even be used to listen to lectures. Also, this is not a new idea-Duke University recently gave iPods to all incoming freshmen.

50-pound kindergartener charged with felony

A few weeks ago, Desre’e Watson, 6, of Avon Park, Fl threw a little bit of a temper tantrum. She cried, wailed, kicked, scratched and even hit a teacher. Instead of a timeout, Avon Elementary School called the police. After the cops arrived, Desre’e attempted to resist arrest by crawling under a table and once she was pulled out, she was cuffed, put into the patrol car and driven to the county jail where she was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors.

Compiled by Martamaria Gomez