Point Counterpoint: Sending more troops to Iraq…

…will waste more lives
by Beni Yunis
It has been four years and two weeks since this mess started and just shy of four years since President George W. Bush called this debacle a “mission accomplished.” So, what does that mean, Bush? Yes, the mission of your parachute landing on the aircraft carrier that lovely day in May was, in fact, accomplished. Good job!

So now, after four years of just hanging out in Iraq, now in the middle of a civil war, of which we needed not be a part, it is necessary to increase the number of troops in Iraq? Well, I guess that makes sense. We need to make up for the 3,302 troops that have died since the war started in 2003.

It seems to me that Bush and his administration are scrambling to find a way to make this atrocity a success of some form for their years in office. We are facing a disaster. The situation in Iraq has gone from bad to worse, and it is not in our power to fix the civil war that is happening. Yes, we have a responsibility to clean up our mess when it is all said and done, but adding more troops- more American citizens-to go out there and risk their lives for no clear or evident cause is beyond ludicrous, it is insulting.

Come on, Mr. Bush, have respect for the people you represent, for the families you stand for and of those who are risking their lives or have already done so. There is a situation in Iraq that was not in our “jurisdiction,” since, oh, I don’t know, it had nothing to do with our country, our issues, or our freedoms! So, let’s allow the people of Iraq to work through their issues and conflicts; thus, be able to create out of their own will, hard work and freedom: a nation that best suits and works for their people. We were able to do so, why can’t we allow them?

We cannot use another country and people’s livelihood as a classroom for our own learning and growth experience. We have to learn that we were wrong. It was not our job or even something that our troops could take on. We did not know the people, the land, the situation. The troops were dragged into a civil war that was not their own-since, by definition, it is a war between the peoples of a specific nation. And since these people in this war are across an ocean in another continent, I would venture to presume that it did not directly involve us.

The solutions to these issues are to find the quickest, safest way to an end. Again I say, increasing the number of troops in Iraq does not seem to go with the “quickest and safest.” So what are we still arguing about? Let’s put a stop to this madness and stop endangering more lives. Let’s, for once, actually be the bigger person and admit our mistakes. Let’s bring them home and get ready to help Iraq, when it asks for our help, in order to make amends for this mess.

Bernardita “Beni” Yunis is a junior majoring in communication studies, international studies, and religious studies, which will probably have no use in the future, but will have enriched her life. Be nice to her at b.yunis@umiami.edu

…is vital to our success
by Dan Kalvig
I tell you this now. We need to have a permanent troop force in Iraq.

By keeping a permanent troop force, Iraq will finally have a consistent defensive force composed of the world’s best trained soldiers America has to offer. No standing military in the world is as strong as our own. This does not mean we should randomly swing our mighty stick on our every passing whim. But nor should we let it sit idle as defenseless people are slaughtered, their human rights neglected, and their way of life denied. Saddam abused his people, the majority no less, and continued to do so until American forces put a stop to his regime.

Liberals, continually pressing the assertion that America’s presence in Iraq has destabilized the entire region, and wanting to place blame on their political counterparts, neglect the fact that it is the fanatically religious terrorists who are repeatedly mounting insurgent attacks, killing innocents as well as personnel. The American military came in to right a wrong, and they have done so in removing Saddam’s regime.

Terrorists then followed America in, and then caused the extreme chaos. The influx of fanatical terrorists, not an American presence, is causing disruption and chaos. As soon as we leave, the fundamentalists, backed by Iran, will simply march right through and re-establish a militaristic, minority regime. We cannot allow that to happen again.

Furthermore, Americans will soon come to find that the war in Iraq, regardless of its beginnings, will prove to be very instructional and instrumental in preparing our military for the brewing war with Iran. Recent escalations by the Iranian government and military, combined with its continued financial and ideological support of terrorist organizations, has demonstrated Iran’s willingness to engage in military combat with the United States. The current Iranian power structure cannot be left unabated. Permanent bases in Iraq will allow our troops much easier access in removing the hate-mongering ideologues who are the driving forces in keeping peace out of the Middle East.

America has a duty to defend any peoples seeking their own freedom. We fought for our own freedom two and a quarter centuries ago. No world power ascended as quickly as we. Neither does any other nation on Earth possess the military resources or prowess to so capably defend a right as powerful as freedom. As such, it rests upon us, the descendants of those true great freedom-fighters, to aid the efforts of any friendly nation in gaining, and keeping, their duly deserved freedom. Again, the Iraqi people deserve and require our continued support until no enemy remains who can oppose or conquer their freedom. And sleep. Sleep is good too.

Goodbye my, children. Stand up straight, be kind, be happy, and wear sunscreen.

Dan Kalvig is a senior majoring in philosophy, mathematics, and physics. He wishes all of you an open mind, towards others as well as yourselves. You can bore him at d.kalvig@umiami.edu or you can create tomorrow’s future.