‘ONE + ONE’ equals double the talent

Up-and-coming world class DJs, James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli, have teamed up to offer the millions of electronica dance music fans a double-disc album set that’s sure to please.

In the collaboration properly named “ONE+ONE,” the two created 14 straight tracks that mix into one another, making seem like one long song if one played it through and didn’t look at their iPod. Although this may seem overwhelming to some, this is the norm for the thousands of fans that showed up all over Miami for the Winter Music conference and Ultra.

On “ONE+ONE” both Zabiela and Fanciulli push their talent to the limit and create some ingenious tracks. Title songs in the album include new versions of Zabiela’s “Human,” as well as Fanciulli’s “ONE+ONE” version of his hit “Scratch’n’Sniff.” The two also created one new track that they both wrote, “Rover,” a futuristic tune mid-tempo tune that’s a perfect opener on disc one.

The entire effort is one smooth and sultry ride from beginning to end. The mixing is executed to perfection and eccentric sounds developed are pleasing to the ear. While working on the album the two debuted the new Q2 Dual DJ mixer, a new tool that allows DJ’s to mix back to back with enhanced flow then previous equipment.

The album is scheduled for released in North America this month; however, Miami got a special treat when the two were lured in by Future Mob Productions to perform during WMC at the Fifth in South Beach.

Their performance, which was the “One+One” grand premiere night, was flawless and drew in hundreds to the sold-out plush venue and the boys are still currently on an extensive US tour.

Marcos Colon can be reached at m.colon2@umiami.edu