how to handle being stuck in a love limbo

    Dear V,

    I recently learned that my ex-boyfriend-my first love-has a new girlfriend. I’m really surprised at how much this hurts. It kills me to think about him with someone else. We had a long talk the other day, and he said he thought he was dead to me-a fair assumption considering how I treated him over the past year. I just don’t know what I want. He says he still loves me and that nothing compares to when we were together. I think I agree with that. I just don’t know what I want. But when I think about him with another girl it just tears me apart. I need to let it go completely or make some sort of commitment, and I can’t do either. I can’t imagine never talking to him again but I also can’t imagine dating him right now. Why can’t I just let him go? Do I really want him or do I just not want him to be with someone else? Why is this so difficult?

    ~Dazed and Confused

    Dear Reader,

    Oh, the heartache and pain of love. It never ends, does it? Feel free to hate me for saying this, but sometimes it’s necessary to break out the clich