Weird News

Blood Donation centers for dogs

Lives of man’s best friend are being saved by the UK’s first blood bank for pets. Dogs can now also have the chance to give the gift of life to other dogs by becoming among the first donors in the new blood service. Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk), a charitable initiative supported by Vets Now, is the first service to collect, process, store and supply pet blood products. According to one of the volunteer workers, the blood bank has already saved the lives of at least 12 dogs in the Northeast. The initiative is proving vital for vets across the UK as blood transfusions are often essential for vets saving dogs’ lives during surgery or to treat major traumas and disease. The painless process takes about five minutes and about a pint of blood is taken on each visit. The dogs must weigh more than 25kg, be fit and healthy and be aged between two and eight years old.

Man dies in airplane bathroom

According to a federal lawsuit, an airline passenger died in the restroom during a flight and was found be the cleaning crew after the plane had already landed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on April 13, 2005. The passenger, Taisuke Matsuo, 66, apparently had a heart attack on an American Airlines flight from Tokyo to Chicago, according to the lawsuit filed Monday by his wife, Carolyn D. Watts, who did not fly with her husband that day. The lawsuit accuses American Airlines of negligence and seeks damages of about $150,000.