Republican redemption possible

As you all know, the Democrats swept the National Congress last November, taking from the Republicans the majority control they held since 1994. Throughout the last few years, the Republican Party has been on the receiving end of numerous investigations headed by both the Democrats and the media. Continued accusations as varied as scandals, fraud, and ‘unbecoming behavior’ is causing the Republican Party to become depressed faster than Katie Holmes with her child.

The Democratic Senate is now wasting its time and effort battling the Republican leadership, trying to make examples of talented and dedicated public servants. The so-called “mandate of the people” in electing these Democrats has fallen on deaf ears, and has amounted to little constructive good for the American people. These elected legislators are waging a destructive war on the Republican Party, and President Bush has wisely taken the higher road by not furthering these obsessive witch hunts.

Yet public approval polls have shown that George Bush has managed to lose nearly all respect and confidence in the once-majestic Right Wing. Even God, the seemingly unshakable, foundational supporter of the Republican Party, seems to be a little unsure of where His allegiances lie.

The Republican Party desperately needs saving. President Bush’s administration, while steadfast in its will, is apparently unable to sufficiently demonstrate its higher calling to the world. We right-wingers need to bring our party back to the ideals of our Godfather, the Big Gipper himself, Ronald Reagan. Only a powerful, intelligent and respected leader of the likes of Reagan is capable of bringing this nation, and its economy, back from the recession left in the wake of Clinton.

We all need to enact a widespread policy campaign which will enable all companies, regardless of size, ownership, or industry to benefit from the political and economic confusion brought about by the public’s failing confidence in our government. The American people have steadily proclaimed that our elected and appointed officials are incapable of handling our economic crisis, and should not be trusted with leading our nation through the 21st century.

Current political instability is direct support for commercial deregulation across the board. Widespread lack of confidence and interest among the public, both politically and economically, has primed the American Industrial Machine for a stupendous blitzkrieg. With the current influx of immigrants, there is now a continuous surge of potential laborers set to invigorate and promulgate our industrial engine.

Now is the perfect time for the Republican Party and savvy businesspersons alike to rise up once again and usurp this nation’s political and economic ignorance. If ever there was a time to take advantage of a situation to make an easy buck (or a few billion), President Bush, with his oil and defense cronies, have shown that now is the time to act upon this opportunity.

The American fiefdom is waiting. Will you answer its call?

Dan Kalvig is a senior majoring in philosophy and mathematics. He invites all of your comments and responses towards