Next year’s SG leaders sworn in

More than 100 friends, family and fellow Student Government members looked on as the “One Goal. One Passion. The U.” ticket took their oath of office in the Hurricane 100 room Wednesday evening.

The inauguration, this year combined with the annual SG banquet, saw the departure of the “Putting U First” ticket, along with a number of SG veterans, and the swearing in of a new crop of SG leaders.

Danny Carvajal, Molly Jones and Justin Gaither assumed the offices of president, vice president and treasurer, respectively, after winning a landslide victory in February’s elections.

“I am feeling excitement, I am feeling anxious, I’m feeling proud, I’m feeling honored, I’m feeling humble all at the same time,” Carvajal said after the event finished. “It’s very difficult to balance all the feelings right now.”

The top two legislative positions also took the oath.

Brandon Gross, formerly the speaker pro tempore of the Senate, moved up to the speaker position while Adela Ghadimi, one of two College of Arts and Sciences senators and formerly the head of the University Affairs committee, replaced Gross.

“I think that we made great strides [this] last year and I plan on just bringing what I’ve learned from the last executive board,” Gross said, adding he wants to improving the student experience on campus, both in student life and academics. “I think that, already, the [new] legislative and executive branches have a great relationship. Adela and I have a great relationship with Danny and Molly, Justin, all of them.”

Now former President Annette Ponnock spoke several times at the banquet and took a few minutes to speak with The Miami Hurricane after the ceremony.

“It’s been a really hard day. I’ve been between holding back tears to almost snapping at people, not because I’m mad, just because it’s an emotional experience,” said Ponnock, who served as Supreme Court chief justice last year. “This has been my life for two years.”

In her closing remarks, Ponnock said she is confident she is leaving Student Government in good hands.

Among the several university administrators in attendance was William R. Butler, vice president for Student Affairs prior to Dr. Patricia A. Whitely. Also of note, Sam L Grogg, dean of the School of Communication, received an honor for administrative excellence named for Butler.

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