Letter to the Editor: Greeks may not be better than others, but neither are non-Greeks

In response to “South Beach vs. South Park: The UM Cultural Divide,” I just have one question: why is it acceptable for non-Greeks to criticize members of fraternities and sororities for acting “better than others” when the same attitude is present on the other end of the debate? I have to admit, there was a time after I joined a sorority here at UM that I worried about how my Greek membership would affect me. Unless I was around other Greeks I was hesitant to wear letters because I knew that in the eyes of many non-Greeks, sorority membership means paying for friends and going to parties.

After a while I realized that there is no reason to be ashamed of belonging to a Greek organization, at least for me. Without my sorority I would have never met my closest friends here at school. Yes, I occasionally go to the grove on Thursdays, but only after I watch The Office. I may be fascinated by what K-Fed is doing next, but I read TIME Magazine.

I know that many Greeks are conceited about their membership. But I will challenge anyone who tries to argue that the same is not true of the other side. Being Greek doesn’t make you better than everyone else, but not being Greek doesn’t prove your individuality or superiority, either.

Blair Brettschneider