A satisfying CD from top to bottom

Ever wondered what you’d get if you were to cross James Blunt with a touch of R&B and soul? The result might just be British singer/songwriter James Morrison.

Morrison has made quite a name for himself in the UK, having snatched three BRIT Award nominations for his debut album, “Undiscovered.” His single “Wonderful World” graced Top 10 lists across Europe.

Morrison’s style can cater to many different music preferences. He is certainly appreciated by swooning teenage girls, but his easy-listening tunes could be enjoyed by just about anyone. His soulful voice paired with “poppy” instrumentals make for a James Blunt and Gavin DeGraw-like sound with a little extra flair and funk.

“Undiscovered” is one of those CDs you can pop into your car stereo and listen to all the way through and be completely satisfied. Two of his singles released from the album have already been highly celebrated in Europe, but I wouldn’t be surprised if two or three more songs from the album became chart-toppers as well.

Although his debut album is titled “Undiscovered,” James Morrison won’t stay that way for long. It’s only a matter of time before Morrison makes his way across the Atlantic to the United States- move over James Blunt!

Kendall Sale can be contacted at k.sale@umiami.edu.