Never fully appreciated by the mass-public, always fully satisfying for its many loyal patrons, Leo’s Delancey Street Deli makes a mean sandwich. No questions asked.

The administration has decided to get rid of this food Court gem by next Fall (see News p. 3), and though the plans to replace it seem like a welcome addition as well (a Mediterranean joint), Leo’s will be missed.

Subway may be the only multi-billion dollar sandwich chain on campus, but despite its slogan, when it came to true fresh ingredients, they don’t hold a candle to Leo’s. Ditto when it came to thick and succulent breads, mayos and spreads that aren’t squirted out of bottles, and a rolling-toaster that that is on par with the always-awesome Quizno’s.

For these reasons and many more, The Hurricane editorial board is a frequent customer at Leo’s. Some staff favorites are the Turkey Cheddar Melt, the Club, the Chicken Ceasar Wrap and, of course, the delicious pickle slices.

If you havn’t yet tried a Leo’s Delancey St. Deli sandwich or wrap, or have years ago and didn’t find it spectacular enough for a re-visit, do yourself a favor and make a point to visit, before it’s too late.