What can your cell do for you?

The latest phones have GPS navigation systems and mp3 players but what about all the really useful things your phone could be doing for you?

Scheduled calls

Need an excuse to get out of a potentially awakward situation, Popularity dialer.com helps make that phone ring right when you need it to.

Advertised as the service that can help you “look extra important or popular on that hot date, or maybe you just needed an excuse to escape from an unpleasant meeting,” Popularitydialer.com uses a web interface that allows you to plan to have you phone called at a particular time. You are greeted by a prerecorded message so that you can have a full conversation, and you can choose who your call is from and what type of message it is-a sexy English lover, a cousin in need, a return to the office or the regular popularity call. However, currently only five free calls can be made to a particular number.

Directory Assistance

According to the New York Sun, Americans spend more than eight billion dollars on phone directory assistance. Jingle Networks introduced 1-800-FREE-411 which offers listings, directory assistance and connection all for free (you just have to listen to an advertisement while waiting for the number). For more information, visit www.free411.com

Voicemail to Email

www.gotvoice.com offers a free service that allows cell phone users to have their voicemails delivered via email. This is especially important if you are abroad or in an area of bad reception, but have internet access, so that you can still check your messages. Plus, voicemails will stay on your existing phone’s voicemail system so they can be accessed either way.

Conference Calling

Trying to decide on plans and need everyone’s input? Freeconference.com allows you to create a free conference call for up to 24 people. Click on the “reservationless standard” to access the service and get started! The only catch is that the company does not provide a toll free (800) number, so the only cost of the call would be the normal cost of a long-distance call.

Bari Lieberman is the EDGE Editor and can be contacted at b.lieberman@umiami.edu.