The UM Police Department reminds you of elevator safety!

Each year in the United States approximately 17,000 people are injured by elevators and escalators; although all elevators on campus are properly inspected and maintained, there are no such guarantees off-campus. While elevators are safer than they have ever been, with computer operation systems and redundant mechanical safety systems, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to injure yourself on an elevator. Please consider the following safety tips when riding an elevator: when waiting for an elevator, stand aside to allow space for exiting passengers. If an arriving elevator appears full, wait for the next car; do not overcrowd. Be sure to stand clear of the elevator doors as they are closing; keep loose clothing, bags and other personal items away from moving parts. Always enter and exit an elevator at designated floor alignments. Attempting to exit when the elevator is improperly aligned is inadvisable because it exposes the open elevator shaft. If you should come upon an exposed elevator shaft, notify building management immediately (on campus, notify UM Police). Do not go near the open shaft or attempt to climb through it. Before you board the elevator, make sure that none of its passengers appear suspicious (especially if you are alone). If you are already on an elevator and feel threatened by a passenger who is boarding, exit the elevator immediately. It’s silly to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation when you can just wait for the next elevator car or take the stairs. Lastly, and most importantly, if there is a fire (or fire alarm) in the building, use the stairs; never use the elevator. Firefighters need to use the elevator to get hundreds of pounds of equipment to the fire floor. Using the elevator could delay the response time of emergency workers. Further information on elevator safety, including an elevator safety brochure, is available at or through the UMPD Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.