Presentation highlights dangers of hazing

As an undergraduate at Auburn University and member of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Erle Morring was hazed. Despite all the rules, he was a willing victim and participant of hazing as a brother and chapter officer. It was a rite of passage and a tradition, not to mention the only way to become a brother. It was all fun and games, however, until one of his fraternity’s pledges died…then another.

Fifteen years later, Morring is making good on a promise he made to himself after the avoidable deaths of his friends by committing himself to eradicating the problem on campuses across the country. He visited UM Tuesday night and gave a presentation to a packed house of Greek students at the Storer Auditorium in the School of Business.

For just over one hour, Morring told the story of and reenacted parts from his first two years of fraternity experience, including the murder and suicide of two pledges of his fraternity, respectively.

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