Relaxing electronic album uses real instruments for a change

Miguel Migs redefines electronic music and stands at the forefront of dance and house music; with the release of his sophomore album, “Those Things,” Migs will surely not only please fans, but also serve as a pleasant surprise to those who tend to shy away from the electronic and house genre.

Migs distinctive use of instruments such as the trumpet, congas, saxophone and guitar gives electronic music fans something different than the club-pounding repeating beats they are accustomed to. This also helps widen his appeal to those just looking for relaxing, soothing music to rock out to while getting ready for a night out or just cleaning the house.

Each of “Those Things'” songs features guest vocalists who add to the entrancing beats. The album’s track “Fire” features guest vocalist Junior Reid (a reggae/dance hall artist), and stands out amongst the rest as having a reggae feel to the beat. “Fire” also serves as the album’s social commentary with lyrics such as “If this is our world, why can’t we care for each other/if the youths can’t go to school, what will become of the future?”

The first released single, “So Far” sets the stage for the rest of the album; it has the undertone of a laid-back vibe with a soothing vocal performance by LTD Amato. The opening beat of “Make Things Happen” is the most reminiscent of a “traditional” club song, but even that is a stretch.

Migs describes his sound as “organic,” and what makes “Those Things” a standout album in the electronic music genre is its peaceful demeanor. “Those Things,” which was released March 20, had its official album release party at Migs’ special performance at Shine at the Shelbourne in Miami, Florida as part of the Winter Music Conference in on March 23.

“Those Things” represent Migs growth since his debut album “Colorful You” in 2002. While “Colorful You” helped introduce Migs’ unique electronic sound to the industry, it lacks maturity and a sense of continuity. However, with “Those Things,” Migs uses his leverage as an established artist, DJ, remixer and producer to create an album entirely his own and makes no excuses for his work. And, in the end, he produced an album that will challenge the audience yet leave them satisfied.

Bari Lieberman is the EDGE Editor and can be contacted at