Sophomore album will please old fans

The Arcade Fire has finally released their much anticipated sophomore effort, “Neon Bible.” The album captures the same eccentric sound as their first album, “Funeral,” only now adding new instruments and a different type of intensity.

After their highly praised debut, the Canadian indie rock band hit the road and amazed fans with their highly charged live performances. The buzz created by the band even landed them on the cover of “TIME Magazine” earning them the title of “Canada’s Most Intriguing Rock Band.”

In “Neon Bible,” lead singer Win Butler once again reached into his lyric scrapbook to create some simple yet enthralling songs. The album’s single, “Black Mirror,” is a dark and entrancing track whose melody and opening lines will resonate through eardrums, “I walked down to the ocean/After waking from a nightmare.”

The unsurpassed track on the album is “No Cars Go,” a fused anthem created by the bands founding members, Butler and his multi-instrumentalist back-up vocal singer wife R