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Team of scientists uncover a potential weapon to fight HIV

University of Miami researchers recently published findings concerning a new mineral that could play a role in the treatment of HIV.

Selenium, a trace mineral found in soil where vegetables common to a healthy diet are grown, is deficient in patients afflicted with HIV.

Currently, patients with HIV undergo antiretroviral therapy, a treatment for retroviruses that causes multiple complications such as cardiovascular problems.

More than 200 people with HIV from the South Florida area participated in the Miami Selenium for Heart and Immune Health Trial.

“This study showed that selenium is a beneficial treatment that can be used as a safe adjunct therapy in combination with ongoing HIV treatments to ensure that the chance of further disease progression is minimized,” said Barry Hurwitz, Ph.D., professor of psychology and medicine at the UM Behavioral Medicine Research Center at the Miller School of Medicine and lead author of the study.

Law School ranked in Lawdragon top 25

Lawdragon, Inc., a group of 500 lawyers from around the nation and publisher of lawyer profiles and rankings, recently released a list of top law schools with the University of Miami ranked at 18.

The rankings are based on where members of the Lawdragon 500 completed law school.

Harvard Law ranked number one, and UM placed just above Duke University School of Law.


Job hunting demands leave students questioning opportunities

Andrea Zeek // Daily News (Ball State U.)

(U-WIRE) MUNCIE, INDIANA – With graduation approaching, college students’ minds are occupied with thoughts of the future. Where should they live after college? Can they afford it? Will they find work?

Indiana realtor Patty Torr said students’ foremost concern should be finding a job.

“I think that students might have a thought of where they want to live out of college, but, if they can’t find a job there, it’s a lost cause,” Torr said. “Finding a job first is everything, and after that, make sure you can afford an apartment or another type of housing in the area.”

According to Hannah Clark of, a Web site specializing in business, recent college graduates might want to reconsider moving to New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago to find jobs. When Forbes ranked the 100 best cities in the country to find a job, all three did very poorly. Los Angeles came in at No. 85, Chicago at No. 93 and New York at No. 96. Businesses and employees are moving south for the lower cost of living and warmer weather, Clark wrote on the site.

Washington D.C., Phoenix and Las Vegas were ranked the top three cities to find a job.


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