Mahoney basement intruder sets off fire alarm

No actual fire broke out in Mahoney Residential College shortly after 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning, but someone did illegally break in to the boiler room, according University of Miami Police.

Lt. Bill Gerlach of the UMPD said that an unknown person or persons entered the room, located in the Mahoney basement, opened doors and tampered with some of the valves.

The suspect then pulled the alarm and tried to use the fire extinguisher.

When the Coral Gables Fire Department arrived they found there was no fire. Two fire trucks and one other vehicle responded, along with at least four UM and Coral Gables police squad cars.

Being awoken by the alarm, students slowly left the building, unsure of whether it was a real fire or not. They initially stood close to the entrances, but were then moved back further to a safe distance.

The Mahoney-Pearson dining hall was opened for students as a place to sit down and take refuge from the chilly morning.

Once the alarm was reset, students were allowed back in, one hour after being evacuated.

The Miami Hurricane contacted Sgt. Javier Bruzos of the Coral Gables Police Department Friday and he said the report is not yet in the system.

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