Students react to Clinton’s appearance

“I think Mr. Clinton had a lot of positive things to say about moving forward and some ways to help us move together as one.”
Hunter Parmentier, sophomore

“I thought it was really good, he handled himself well. I don’t think he was as good a speaker as Gore was yesterday but I think Gore just had a better issue to talk about really which is that we need to stop global warming. But with everything that Clinton said he really got the crowd going. I was hoping he would tell more stories about himself in the White House and rip on Bush a little more but I definitely enjoyed it.”
Zachary Prusosf, freshman

“I thought it was really informative and interesting. I liked that he focused on issues that haven’t necessarily gotten a lot of spotlight in the media such as healthcare versus focusing on the war in Iraq , I liked that he kept mentioning the environment since we just saw Al Gore’s speech yesterday, it was really relevant. I thought it was interesting how he also was able to include Hillary Clinton in his speech, just a little plug there, a little political. I thought overall he was very emotional and very effective for the message he was trying to get across.”
Elana Schechtman, freshman

“I thought he did a great job, especially addressing so many people. I mean I’ve seen him on TV ever since I was little and it was really cool to see him in person. I think it was great that everybody had this opportunity to see him.”
Christa Muller, sophomore

“It was quite the show, having Clinton and Gore here two days in a row is just amazing. The student questions were good, they were actually important questions that had stuff to do with policy unlike the questions for Chief Justice Roberts where they asked him how his football career was and what he had on his iPod.”
Paul Burkart, sophomore