News Briefs


School of Medicine receives scholarship grant

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine received a $5 million grant last week.

The North Dade Medical Foundation donated the money, which will be used to establish a permanent endowment fund, to be named the North Dade Medical Foundation M.D. Scholarship Fund.

“Since the Miller School is still relatively young, it doesn’t have significant endowment funds for scholarship money that can be used to help relieve the debt load for students,” University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala said in a press release. “Not only does this place a huge burden on the medical graduate, but it may also influence their decision about which medical specialty to pursue.”

The grant will be used to supplement the current numbers and amounts of scholarships for students seeking M.D. degrees.

Rosenstiel School professor leads study

Scientists at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science are working on over 60 years of research in an attempt to uncover the effects of carbon dioxide on the ocean.

“The Marine Inorganic Carbon Cycle,” a paper recently published in the journal “Chemical Reviews”, discusses the question of the Earth’s natural ability to rebound from the increase in inorganic carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and oceans.

Frank Millero, professor of marine and atmospheric chemistry at RSMAS, authored the study. The paper covers problems associated with the ocean’s uptake of inorganic carbon dioxide and also aims to provide insight into what can be done to repair the damage that has already taken place.


RIAA offers settlements to college students for filesharing


(U-WIRE) BOSTON – Almost a week after the Recording Industry Association of America released a list of the top 25 universities whose students received warnings for illegally downloading music this past year, the RIAA sent 400 “pre-litigation settlements” to 13 universities on the list, informing schools that at least one of their students or faculty will soon face a copyright infringement lawsuit.

The letters, sent Feb. 28, are intended to allow students to settle with the RIAA at a “discounted rate” to avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings, according to a release dated the same day.

Ohio University received the most letters, with 50, and North Carolina State University, Syracuse University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst-which was ranked sixth on the list released last week-received 37 letters.

Universities have been quick to cooperate with the RIAA because the actual lawsuits target the schools, because students are downloading music from their servers. In many cases, universities have investigated illegal downloading on their campuses before actually receiving any notices from the RIAA.

Though RIAA representatives maintain the association has been proactive in involving university administrators and students in the notification process, BU Information Technology Office Consulting Services Director Jim Stone said the RIAA did not contact the school about the top 25 list or about the new settlement offers.


The Grammy-nominated University of Miami Jazz Concert Band will be performing with special guest John Fedchock on Thursday at 8 p.m. Fedchock is a jazz trombonist and has toured with the Woody Herman Orchestra. The concert will take place at Gusman Coancert Hall. Call 305-284-5813 for tickets.