What is a Klaxon? Well, for those of you who don’t know, it’s an electric horn or a similar loud warning device. Now, what are Klaxons? Right now the majority of the US population doesn’t know, but during March they will as a fresh breath of air will hit the shelves at all music vendors in America.

England’s very own Klaxons will be releasing their debut album, “Myths of the Near Future,” March 27th all across the nation. The band’s sound has been labeled nu-rave, blending heavy synth beats and killer basslines that will get fans of electronic and dance-punk to mix it up on the dance floor.

After hearing the album, the British boys chose a proper title for their band since their album will serve as a warning device or wake up call to the recent sleepy indie scene in America. Lyrically “Myths of the Near Future” is a unique album. Title tracks like “Gravity’s Rainbow,” which carries a bassline reminiscent of DFA79, has singer Jamie Reynolds singing “My culture vulture such a DAB hand/I’ll steal you from the year 4000.” Other tracks, such as “Atlantis to Interzone,” are electronic anthems that will have fans of “The Rapture” dancing till they burn holes in their Chuck Taylors.

Although, it isn’t clear what the single will be in the US, chances are that “Golden Skans,” the UK’s latest single with its Beach Boy back-up vocals, will carry over.

Looking straight out of a Warhol painting with their neon-colored hoodies, the bands eccentricity will garner much popularity in the states as they cross the Atlantic in April for their month-long tour.

Klaxons are just what America’s indie scene needs. 2007 will be the year of the Klaxons.

Marcos Col