I’ll never say good-bye to Michelle Shore

How can I make sense of this? How can anyone make sense of this?

Michelle was on autopilot for greatness. In her short 18 years, Michelle changed the world that touched her life by giving all she could to everyone that she came in contact with. She had a real gift that when you were with her, you felt like the most important person in the world. She listened and she heard you, she truly cared. Michelle expected greatness from you, so you could not let her down.

Michelle graduated Coral Springs Charter High School with honors, formally a student at American Heritage with honors. She was currently attending the University of Miami Pre-Law. I mention her education first because that truly was of monumental importance to her.

Michelle lived to do the best at everything! She set high goals for herself academically; she gave charity and always did acts of kindness. She refused to see the bad and only saw the good and what good could be done now. She knew what was really important in life and proved that to everyone everyday.

She was brand new at college, but I am sure whoever met her agrees she was going places! She wanted to be a lawyer and change the world.

Michelle baby . you did not have a chance.

When that man “driving on the wrong side of I-95” smashed into Michelle’s car and robbed us all of her, he also robbed Michelle of her bright future. What a tragedy.

Michelle baby.you did not have a chance.

Your innocent life was taken due to someone else’s negligent and lethal behavior!
I pray God grants us all the strength needed to survive this tragedy.
I watched her grow
and today
I watched her go
and now
I pray that she can watch over me
From Heaven with God

Rest in Peace

Michelle Alysia Shore
June 14, 1988 – February 24, 2007

Dorothy and Dayna More are friends of the Shore family.